The Logical Fallacies

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Economy, Psychology

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Paul and Nick investigate different logical fallacies and how they individually effect your daily decisions. What exactly is causation versus correlation and what does that have to do with today? How can statistics be skewed to sway your opinion? Here are segments to dig into:

0:38 – What are Logical Fallacies?
9:40 – Personal Attack
14:30 – Exaggerating the Argument
20:08 – Correlation Versus Causation
27:01 – Skewing Statistics

For Video, Please check out our YouTube channel:

Please note that this podcast contains medical content. As we are not experts, please consult your doctor before trying anything suggested here.

Furthermore, please recognize that we discuss views of third parties in this podcast. We apologize if their viewpoint is misrepresented in this podcast. Please know that we have absolutely no intention of misrepresenting or misconstruing their viewpoint.

Please note that this podcast was produced, edited, and made by Nicholas Shah and Paul DeMott.

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