The Economic Fallacies

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Economy, Future, Psychology

The Economic Fallacies — Streaming Link

Paul and Nick investigate how seemingly good economic strategies actually hurt us in the long run. What is our economic situation and is it improving? Here are some segments to dive into:

0:25 – What are Economic Fallacies?
2:13 – The Voluntary Choice Tactic
5:18 – Zero Sum Fallacy
9:50 – The Politician Needs Something New
13:05 – Creating Jobs Isn’t the Goal — Wealth Is.
18:21 – Counter Arguments to the Broken Window Fallacy
22:19 – Limiting the Rich?
30:11 – Government and Economy
37:27 – The Fall of 2008
42:35 – Relating Life Expectancy to Economy

For Video, Please Check out our YouTube channel:

Please note that this podcast contains medical content. As we are not experts, please consult your doctor before trying anything suggested here.

Furthermore, please recognize that we discuss views of third parties in this podcast. We apologize if their viewpoint is misrepresented in this podcast. Please know that we have absolutely no intention of misrepresenting or misconstruing their viewpoint.

Please note that this podcast was produced, edited, and made by Nicholas Shah and Paul DeMott.


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